Our Fleet

The fleet of Attrans Ltd is currently made up of uniquely Volvo tractor units and over 300 trailers. In June 2014, Attrans, invested heavily in acquiring a set of 16 new Volvo FH Euro 6 tractor units. These trucks will join the rest of the current fleet, which cater for the ever increasing freight movements.

The trucks and trailers are strategically located at our depots throughout Malta, Europe, Tunisia and Morocco in order to serve customers efficiently and effectively 7days a week, 365 days a year.

Attrans fleet comprises of many different types of vehicles for the differing types of services we offer. It is currently increasing by around 30 vehicles per year. 

Trailers, are built specifically in house to meet the needs of customers, by varying internal heights and fittings, or if we simply cannot accommodate our clients’ request, the trailer will be outsourced. We strive to make sure our trucks are always top of the range, complete with the precise specifications to meet both the needs of drivers and our more importantly, our clients.

The fleet is managed by fleet managers, who make the operation cost-competitive and one which supplies superior customer service. The private fleet of Attrans offers value just by ensuring a consistent level of service and the availability of truck capacity during crunch times.

The fleet has to be sized to a level where full utilisation could be achieved all year round.