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A leading family business in transport & forwarding

Established in 1976 in Malta

The origin and history of the Attrans Transport Group

Started by Philip Snr Attard way back in 1976, Attrans has simple and very practical origins. As a sole trader, Philip used to import machinery and vehicles from the United Kingdom, drive them to the South of Italy and then ship them on the only ‘ro-ro’ service available at the time. 

International company with offices in Italy and the Netherlands

From Philip’s solo journeys 40 years ago, Attrans has grown steadily to an international company with offices in Italy and the Netherlands, servicing a wide network of clients all over the world including places such as the U.S.A, Middle East, Asia, North Africa and of course Europe. Today, Attrans employs around 150 people spread between our headquarters in Malta, our Attrans Italia offices in Genoa, Attrans BV in Alblasserdam and Attrans North Africa in Breda, Holland. All of these offices are equipped with administration offices, workshops, parking and warehousing facilities.

Family values

Starting from a one-man operation connecting Malta to Europe, Attrans Group has kept its family values, growing through providing consistent high quality service to customers. Approachability and availability are strong company values, giving dedicated attention and professionalism to every connection and interaction. 

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