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Attrans Ltd

Temperature-controlled transport of food and drink

Attrans Ltd

Safe and fast logistics of valuable goods

Attrans Ltd

Transportation of fabrics and hanging clothing

Attrans Ltd

Transportation of medicines and surgical material

International transport and forwarding company between Malta, Europe and North Africa

A leading family business since 1976

Attrans Ltd are international hauliers for transporting and forwarding to and from Malta, Europe and North Africa. We provide weekly groupage transport, temperature-controlled transport and refrigerated transport, project and exceptional transport.

Attrans Transport Group is a leading family business that has built a wealth of knowledge, experience, indispensable relationships and reliability since 1976. We can handle any transport challenge we are presented with thanks to our own agents who have sizeable local networks at their disposal in countries such as UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Tunisia.

The answer to your transport needs.
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